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The Time Is Now!

By now, you’ve probably seen our RAF Year-End letter titled “THE TIME IS NOW”.

We are especially proud of the Timeline of Results displayed on the reverse side.

If you do not have your Year-End letter nearby, you may refer to it HERE and even enlarge the timeline to take a good look and what has been happening.

Featured Airstrip

RAF Mission:

RAF Calendar - December

New Florida State Liaison - Bobby Capozzi

The RAF is pleased to introduce new Florida State Liaison, Bobby Capozzi.

Volunteers finish fall maintenance at Big Bar

– Richard Mayes, RAF Oregon Liaison –

Friends of Arcadia Airport Hosts Fly-In

-George Chase, RAF Supporter and Volunteer-

Friends of Arcadia Airport wrapped up another successful three-day event Nov. 10-11-12 at Aviation City (X06). The City of Arcadia helped, as did new RAF Florida State Liaison Bobby Capozzi and his wife Kim.  



Winning Photos

Photographer: Mike Hart

Location: Big Creek, ID

Submitted by: Crista Worthy

Photographer and submitted by: Bjorn Eriksen

Location: Pine, ID

New York CFI Includes RAF Code of Conduct and Grass Field Techniques

The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) has filled an important GA niche in protecting and promoting recreational aviation opportunities. Along with its work on the ground to preserve, maintain and create airstrips for recreational access, the RAF emphasizes in the air pilot preparation for safely operating in and out of these airstrips.

Tonto National Forest Planning Progresses

– Mark Spencer, RAF Arizona and Public Lands Liaison –

As the Tonto National Forest enters the next phase of forest planning, RAF members are helping fulfill the mission of preserving recreational airstrips. Getting involved early in the planning stages is the best way to preserve our interests and enjoyment of these lands.