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New York CFI Includes RAF Code of Conduct and Grass Field Techniques

The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) has filled an important GA niche in protecting and promoting recreational aviation opportunities. Along with its work on the ground to preserve, maintain and create airstrips for recreational access, the RAF emphasizes in the air pilot preparation for safely operating in and out of these airstrips.

Tonto National Forest Planning Progresses

– Mark Spencer, RAF Arizona and Public Lands Liaison –

As the Tonto National Forest enters the next phase of forest planning, RAF members are helping fulfill the mission of preserving recreational airstrips. Getting involved early in the planning stages is the best way to preserve our interests and enjoyment of these lands.

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RAF Mission:

Warm Winter Flying

Make sure to visit the RAF Calendar throughout the winter.

This is the best time to camp in the South!!!

AOPA Joins October RAF Fire Hub Chat

AOPA’s CEO Mark Baker, and regional managers Tom George, Sean Collins, Jared Esselman, Warren Hendrickson and Steve Hedges all made great comments during Thursday evening’s Fire Hub Chat Oct. 20. Melissa McCaffrey was working with Hawaii’s legislature and could not attend.

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RAF Mission:

RAF Helps Christen Arkansas’s Sugar Creek

– Dave Powell, RAF Arkansas Liaison

New York Pilot Gets RAF Send-off to Embry-Riddle

– Russ Holland, CFI and RAF New York Liaison

New Virginia State Liaison - Matthew Kline

The RAF is pleased to introduce new Virginia State Liaison, Matthew Kline.

Matthew’s love of aviation began early, but it wasn’t until after grad school and the start of a geospatial engineering career that he was able to engage in aviation. “After my first ride in a friend’s cub, I was hooked, but it took more than a few years before I was able to start flying.”