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RAF’s Safety Survey Resonates with Membership

To the many of you who participated in our recent RAF Safety Survey, THANK YOU!  Over 16% of you completed the survey, a huge response rate as these things go.

We thought all RAF members would appreciate hearing some of the main takeaways from our survey as they relate to our kind of flying.  We also think you will appreciate receiving a safety checklist that in part grew out of your many member comments.  But first, the results.

Grand Gulch Gets Groomed

Fifteen aircraft arrived at Grand Gulch in northern Arizona for a cooperative work party on February 3, called by Utah Back County Pilots and the RAF.  Arizona? Yes — there’s a bit of a canyon just south of this place, which makes the destination more logical for Utah pilots, since they avoid Grand Canyon Special Airspace. Galen Hanselman devoted seven pages on its fascinating history in Fly Utah.

Call to Action: Montana's Custer-Gallatin National Forest


RAF Renews Goals at January Board Meeting

After two jam-packed days meeting face to face in Bozeman, RAF's Board of Directors emerged with renewed energy to meet 2018 challenges. Bill McGlynn, who joined the RAF leadership in 2016 and focused on funding as Development Director, and last year as Secretary, was selected as our next president. Outgoing RAF President Alan Metzler had agreed to a one-year term, and we appreciate that he is willing to assume Secretary duties and continue on as chairman of the Real Estate Committee going forward.

New Pennsylvania Liaison - Judson Rupert

The RAF is pleased to announce our newest State Liaison, Judson Rupert. Jud and State Liaison Andy Turner will both represent the RAF in Pennsylvania.

Next Backcountry Boutique Item Debuts on March 5

Get ready for our next Backcountry Boutique item, which debuts on Monday, March 5. We can't spill the beans early, but will tell you that March's featured item is a very unique purchasing opportunity, with a twist!

Featured Airstrip

Each month we highlight an airstrip that the RAF has had an impact on. We hope that you will get out and enjoy these airstrips. This month's Featured Airstrip is in Newport, NH.

Thanks to cooperative efforts by the State, the FAA, the RAF and a small group of tenants and supporters, New Hampshire’s Newport/Parlin Field Airport (2B3) is now an active “go-to” place for aviators, townspeople, and local organizations who use its facilities and grounds for events of all sorts.

Thank You for Your Generous Response to our Year-End Appeal

In mid-December we sent you, our valued RAF members, our year-end appeal. We received armfuls of mail from generous supporters located all over the U.S. We are happy to report that contributions to our organization are up significantly from last year. We know you have many choices when it comes to year-end giving, and we greatly appreciate each and every contribution you sent. 

February Events

We’d love for you to join us at an RAF event in February! Short descriptions of February events are below; please visit our Event Calendar for full details.

Pilots Learn Survival Skills at Training Class

Have you ever really tried to make fire with wet wood and no matches? RAF Arkansas Liaison Dave Powell reports that 27 pilots spent Sunday, January 14 practicing real survival scenarios at Sugar Creek airfield (also called Price Coffee airfield) (58AR) and learned how to build a fire in spite of the snow.