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Team RAF

It's why you learned to fly.

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Volunteer with the RAF!

Volunteer your time and talents with the Recreational Aviation Foundation - we would love to have you on the team!  The flow sheet is a fun way to help guide you towards one or more RAF volunteer opportunities that could fit your talents and interests.

RAF Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Airstrip Maintenance Volunteer

  • Fire Hub Tender (MT, FL, TX)

Looking for somewhere to fly?

Are you looking for somewhere to fly? 

And a project or two?

Fall days are beautiful at Ryan Field, and there are a few projects we’d like finished before this flying season ends. We invite you to fly into Ryan Field (after receiving a copy of the Ryan Safety Briefing) and spend a few hours on a project before enjoying a beautiful sunset or relaxing around the RAF Fire Hub.

RAF Weekend McIntosh Reserve- airstrip open for this weekend only- don't miss your chance to visit!

McIntosh Reserve

Whitesburg Georgia

Airstrip Open for this RAF Weekend Only

September 30- October 2, 2016

Register here

Future pilots and the future of the RAF

As many organizations struggle to get young people involved in aviation, the Recreational Aviation Foundation enjoys welcoming new young people to our team.  One of our newest team members, Nora Miller joined TEAM RAF last month shortly after her arrival!  Here she is getting ready for her first ride.










From one State Liaison to another

We like to publish comments and stories from our members around the country as they experience great RAF project destinations.

This one is unique in that it comes from one RAF State Liaison to another.  Jeff Smith is the relatively new Kentucky Liaison and has just experienced what our organization is all about!



National Aviation Day

Go FLY today!

Contact us about volunteering for the RAF!

Today is YOUR day to get involved in aviation!!

RAF Introduces me to Backcountry Flying With Two Fun Days at Sullivan Lake

Great story from Dan Pimental, Airplanista Aviation Blog, about his fist RAF Weekend at Sullivan Lake, WA.

RAF Safety and Education Coordinator Jeanne MacPherson - "Master Emeritus"

RAF Safety and Education Coordinator Jeanne MacPherson has achieved "Master Emeritus" status from Master Instructors LLC.

This honor is granted by Master Instructor Continuing Education Program (MICEP), based on advanced professional standards and rigorous peer review. 

New Arkansas State Liaison - Dave Powell

The RAF is pleased to introduce new Arkansas State Liaison, Dave Powell. 

Few pilots can say they began flying in a Texan T-6 at the age of 12. That’s when Dave Powell was first exposed to flying by his father. They also flew a Navion his dad’s company used for business. Once out of college and working, Dave made the time and had the funds to get his pilot’s license, initially using the privileges to visit family in Arkansas and Michigan. 


RAF Mission:

“The Recreational Aviation Foundation preserves, maintains, and creates airstrips for recreational access.”