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Ron Normandeau Wins Spark Plug Award

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No Surprise

 At the recent Montana Pilots Association’s (MPA)30th annual gathering the RAF’s own Ron Normandeau was the recipient of the Spark Plug Award. This particular award is given to an individual who energizes the membership of the MPA. Ron was recognized for his behind the scenes efforts to lead the planning effort on numerous United States Forest Service plans in the state of MT. Ron is the acknowledged expert on government planning process. Who would have thought that the RAF would be fortunate enough to have the kind of talent that Ron brings to the team. We could not be more pleased that the MPA recognized Ron for what he does not only in MT but all across the country.

Pictured on the right: Scott Newpower, President MPA, Ron Normandeau and John McKenna, President RAF


Congratulations, Ron - and thank you for all your expertise and hard work! It is resulting in gains all across the country for backcountry flying and airstrip preservation.
Three Cheers! Rol

Dear Ron,
Congratulations and thank you for all that you do for aviation in both Montana and the USA~
Best regards,
Jeanne MacPherson