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Have a HEART

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Click here to donate to the Two Hearted Airstrip Project in Michigan

This year do something a little different and special for your “sweetheart” on Valentine’s Day!  Skip the chocolates and go with their passion……  If your sweetie’s passion is recreational flying then make a contribution for the Two Hearted Airstrip project.  The Recreational Aviation Foundation is preserving, creating, and maintaining recreational airstrips for today and the future.

The Two Hearted Airstrip in Michigan is our next project.  The RAF has begun the work but needs your help.  We are half way there.  The leases of the land both public and private have been secured.  A bid has been accepted for a local contractor and materials are waiting to be delivered.  We need to raise more money in order to finish this project and open the airstrip to the public.

Ernest Hemingway was inspired by this area to write his two part short story, “The Big Two Hearted River”, published in 1925.  Hemingway expresses the underlying healing power of nature.  This falls in line with what the RAF is all about:  combining the love of aviation and recreational airstrips.

Have a heart and donate to this project today!  Click here to support the Two Hearted Airstrip Project.  For more information RAF Michigan State Liaison Brad Frederick 248-761-5615 or bfrederick@theraf.org


This is terrific!!
The Two Hearted is amazing and fun river. Back in 1956 when I was 7 and living in Chicago, we were on vacation and dad took me trout fishing on the Two Hearted. We caught so many trout and the entire family had the best meal that night. I have never forgot this river.
I am so happy the RAF and it's members are bringing this airport back to life.

I will be flying my 206 up to the Two Hearted Airfield camping, fishing and enjoying all the scenery.
Point of interest also, the locals are very friendly, interesting folks to get to know.
Please join me donating to the RAF for this great project.
Thank you Brad Frederick Michigan's RAF for making this happen.
Dan Schiffer

This is an amazing place that is most reachable via aircraft, it really deserves to become a destination for recreational flying, it offers some of the best wilderness views and experiences in Michigan's UP, the flight over the southern shore of Lake Superior with its beautiful vistas are perhaps some of the most spectacular of all of Michigan's Shorelines, if you haven't experienced this? it is a Must do!