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New Maine State Liaison - Steve Mason

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The RAF is pleased to introduce new Maine State Liaison, Steve Mason, teaming up with Andy Rowe, current Maine State Liaison.

I started flying at a young age at Folsom’s Air Service on Moosehead Lake. My flying experience actually began on floats. After earning both my private and commercial licenses on floats, I transitioned to a taildragger. 

I was fortunate to fly people to their backcountry river destinations, with canoes strapped to my floats – a practice that no longer happens in Maine. I have flown everything from a Cessna 150 on floats to a DC-3 on amphibs. 

My favorite backcountry strip will always be water, but I have a firm belief that the RAF has a great opportunity to open many backcountry strips in Maine’s vast Unorganized Territory. I hope to help The RAF with its mission in Maine.

Steve Mason, Maine State Liaison

smason@theraf.org | 207-592-8150



Thank you Steve for your help to keep aviation strong!
As a member of the " Grumman Gang" I asked the forum about wilderness vacations . A member pointed me to RAF. So I normally fly NJ (N14). I want to do something better that's within my ability. ( non IFR)
Owned a Grumman AA5 since 1999. I want to be adventurous... what's your plans for the next few months?


Thanks for reaching out to Steve.  We would love to have you become a member of the RAF.  If you email me your contact information I will get you connected with Steve Mason.  

Thanks Sarah Chandler, RAF Volunteer Coordinator (schandler@theraf.org)

Hi Steve,
My husband Bill and I both fly and have a Citabria on straight floats here in Maine which we plan to launch later this month. We summer on Sebec Lake and look forward to meeting you and other members of the RAF.
I recently attended a RAF weekend campout in Arcadia, FL. Wonderful people and a great time.