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Backcountry Boutique February Item: Sold Out!

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Our Backcountry Boutique February Item has Sold Out! Thanks to all who purchased a custom Mountain Khakis utility bag in support of the RAF!

Trust us when we say you won’t want to part with this custom RAF utility bag! It’s a great tote for most any casual activity on your calendar: fly-ins, strolling the farmers market, an outdoor concert, or a day-trip to the beach—the list is endless.

The bag is designed by Wyoming-based Mountain Khakis and particularly snazzy because it’s RAF signature orange (well, of course!) and embellished with the RAF logo. The bag has a recycled rope handle and a unique design reminiscent of that river rafting dry bag sitting in your garage. Created with durable canvas, it’s reinforced with waxed canvas for water-resistance. Trims are leather, and there’s a zippered main closure.

We have just 12 of these bags available at $138 each; USPS Priority Mail shipping is included.

We are able to process online purchases through our website only: http://theraf.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=23

Items will be shipped on February 15. Any questions can be sent to info@theraf.org or call Tricia at 406-570-5398.

We welcome photos of supporters using or wearing RAF gear! Please send your images to ewhite@theraf.org, and let us know if we have permission to post them on social media or our website.

About the RAF Backcountry Boutique
On the 5th day of every month, you'll see a new RAF logo item advertised for sale on the RAF websiteFacebook and Instagram. We will be selling small quantities of each item and will let you know how many we have in stock.

When they’re gone, they’re gone!

If an item sells out early, plan on being online on the 5th of the following month for our next big reveal.