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Chris Groshel

Pennsylvania State Liaison

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Chris was raised in northeastern Pennsylvania and learned to fly in the early 70’s out of Wyoming Valley Airport.  After Hurricane Agnes put his local airport under 20 ft of water he had the opportunity to help an owner disassemble his damaged aircraft which piqued his interest in the mechanical side of the business.

Taking up a career in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance with Grumman American and later Gulfstream Aerospace allowed Chris to live and work abroad and throughout the U.S. in support of corporate aircraft flight operations. Over the years he earned various FAA certificates that included Commercial, Glider and Inspection Authorization.

While on a contract assignment with the 89th MAW at Andrews AFB in Maryland, he met his wife to be, Lianne, a USAF Captain, the day after he brought home his first aircraft, a Grumman Cheetah.

After continuing with the business as a technician and Director of Maintenance with various corporate flight departments, Chris and Lianne decided to leave the D.C. area and semi-retire to State College where they enjoyed their hiking, cycling and flying.

Chris has been a regional director for the American Yankee Association, a director for a large soaring club in Virginia and is now an appointee to the local airport authority.

Just recently, they sold the Grumman and purchased an A-1B Husky which he is trying to master.  This aircraft will allow him to really start exploring the rural airstrips throughout the U.S.  Chris has flown into 90 airfields in Pennsylvania alone and has seen quite a few disappear which he finds disappointing.

With almost 10% of Pennsylvania’s land area state parks and forests and with dozens of private air strip Chris sees an opportunity to help maintain and enhance aviation’s accessibility to this great recreational state. 

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