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Eric Davis

Georgia State Liaison

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Eric was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia far removed from the allure of back­country flying. His first impressions of aviation were limited to the science fiction television shows and movies of the day: Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. As kids, he and his friends would sneak into the Hartsfield Airport terminal and pretend they were travelers going to far­away places.

Childhood dreams of flying gave way to the normal “stuff” of growing up. Then one day in 2003 Eric recalled his early desire to fly. Within a few months he had earned his private pilot certificate, and began flying rentalC­172s and PA­28s.

In 2011 he started looking for the right partner, at the right airport, with the right plane and hit the jackpot. Today he’s the proud owner of a freshly restored 1964 S35 (V-tail) Bonanza with a great partner based at an airport close to home.

For Eric the utility of flying has created the potential to be in many places within a short space of time. He regularly uses his aircraft for business, personal, and charitable trips. He is an Engineer employed by a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer and uses his plane to pay periodic visits to customers in markets not well served by the commercial aviation industry.

He and his wife Maureen make regular trips between Atlanta and Springdale, Pennsylvania (Maureen’s hometown), landing at a small airport just six miles from the family home. On each trip, weather permitting,they are constantly scouting the terrain looking for airstrips close to areas of recreational interest.

Ever conscious of his good fortune Eric likes to give back by volunteering for Angel Flight, providing free air transport to patients in need of far ­away medical services.

Long-time outdoor enthusiasts, Eric and Maureen enjoying cycling, hiking, and camping. They have bicycled unsupported through the Pacific Northwest, Central and Southern Colorado, Yellowstone National Forest, as well as several cross­-country trips in Europe including northern Spain, Southern Italy, and Southern France.

“Having recently acquired my own aircraft, I now wish to pursue an alternate means of experiencing our country’s natural resources and would like to be of service to the RAF in promoting the goal of ‘preserving,maintaining and creating public use recreational and backcountry airstrips.’”

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Hi we enjoyed sharing a table with y'all at the Angle Flight Gala. It was a chance meeting that we are happy occurred. Checking out RAF a little closer and saw your bio. Hope to see you and Maureen on a grass strip somewhere soon. Thomas & Dorinda

Thomas and Dorinda,
Thanks for sharing your table and your time last night. It was really nice to meet you both and do hope you can make it to one of our fly-in events soon. Best Regards,