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Phil Whittemore

Texas State Liaison

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Since the age of five, Phil Whittemore has been interested in airplanes. He took his first flight with a test pilot for Aero Spacelines when he was 12. Phil got his pilot’s license in 1981 and now flies throughout the western United States, Canada and Alaska as a recreational bush pilot, “always on the lookout for great fly fishing along the way,” he says.

He is the founder and principal of the Texas STOL Roundup – the largest STOL competition in the Lower 48. As a member of the Texas STOL Roundup team he participates in STOL demonstrations at fly-ins and airshows, introducing both pilots and non-pilots to this unique and exciting type of flying.

An advocate for GA, Phil is a member of AOPA’s philanthropic “Hat in the Ring Society,” and supports a variety of aviation organizations. “My heart remains in backcountry and bush flying,” he adds.

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