Growing up in St. Joseph and Kansas City, Missouri, Bill McCormick always wanted to take flying lessons. He began his training in 1997, “but then a move, life and work got in the way,” he says.

While on a fishing trip in western Alaska with his brother in 2011, each day’s flights on and off the water in seaplanes to each day’s fishing spot rekindled his passion and he decided to finish training for his private pilot license. He was certified in 2012, obtained a Maule MX7-180C in 2015 “and I’ve been having fun ever since,” he says.

When not working with clients’ financial and retirement planning, Bill enjoys backcountry flying, camping next to the plane, (especially if there’s some good fly fishing nearby), hiking, and biking.

Bill previously served as an Ambassador for the RAF. He joins Kentucky Liaison Jeff Smith in advancing the RAF mission and is “excited to explore opportunities for more recreational use strips in our state.”

Submitted on June 20, 2019