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RAF Mission Statement

The Recreational Aviation Foundation preserves, maintains, and creates airstrips for recreational access.

About the RAF

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The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) was founded by a group of Montana pilots who realized the threat of recreational airstrip closure was of national concern. They also recognized that there was the need for a unified effort by pilots everywhere to protect public recreational opportunities. The RAF is dedicated to preserving existing airstrips and actually creating new public-use recreational airstrips throughout the United States. Recognized by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the RAF is using tax-deductible donations to:

  • Identify private and public land for the development of new airstrips,
  • Assist in funding the building of new airstrips on public land,
  • Develop educational materials to assist pilots in being knowledgeable advocates,
  • Fund efforts to gain national recognition of backcountry recreational aviation and airstrips as a legitimate use of public lands.
  • Provide educational information regarding recreational airstrips to members of Congress and their staff.
Bill McGlynn
Alan Metzler
Director and Secretary
Jack Tyler
Director and Vice President
Mike Perkins
Director and Treasurer
Peter Bunce
R. Peter Burwell
Steve Johnson
Todd Simmons
Jerome Morrison (Jerry) Cain
Director Emeritus
Reade Genzlinger
Former Director and Secretary/Treasurer
Chuck Jarecki
Founding Director
Tim Clifford
Former Director and Vice President
Rol Murrow
Former Director
Dan Prill
Founding Director
Roger Blew
Environmental Science Advisory Committee
F. Richard "Ric" Hauer
Environmental Science Advisory Committee
Mark Novak
Environmental Science Advisory Committee
Al Clayton
Alaska State Liaison
Mark Spencer
Arizona State Liaison and Public Lands Liaison
Dave Powell
Arkansas State Liaison
Richard "Rick" Lach
California State Liaison
Anthony Longobardo
California State Liaison
Tom Haefeli
Colorado State Liaison
Patrick Romano
Colorado State Liaison
Bobby Capozzi
Florida State Liaison
Brett Wilkes
Georgia State Liaison
Mike Hart
Idaho State Liaison
Mike Purpura
Illinois State Liaison
Jeff Smith
Kentucky State Liaison
Steve Mason
Maine State Liaison
Andy Rowe
Maine State Liaison
Craig McCullough
Maryland State Liaison
Rene Robillard
Massachusetts State Liaison
Brad Frederick
Michigan State Liaison
Kirk Hiner
Minnesota State Liaison
Kurt Pennuto
Minnesota State Liaison
Ron Normandeau
Montana State Liaison
Scott Newpower
Montana State Liaison
Dan Keller
Nebraska State Liaison
John Meade
New Hampshire State Liaison
Larry Filener
New Mexico State Liaison
Ron Keller
New Mexico State Liaison
Russell "Russ" Holland
New York State Liaison
Brian Rau
North Dakota State Liaison
Christine Mortine
Ohio State Liaison
Freeman Swank
Ohio State Liaison
Steve Thompson
Oklahoma State Liaison
Richard Mayes
Oregon State Liaison
Judson Rupert
Pennsylvania State Liaison
Andrew Turner
Pennsylvania State Liaison
Bill Repucci
South Carolina State Liaison
Ray Jilek
South Dakota State Liaison
Steve Lewis
Tennessee State Liaison
Steve Durtschi
Utah State Liaison
Wayne Loeber
Utah State Liaison
R.M. "Bob" Burley
Vermont State Liaison
Dave Whitelaw
Washington State Liaison
Jeff Russell
Wisconsin State Liaison
Lori Olson
Wyoming State Liaison
Carmine Mowbray
Publicity Liaison
Craig McCullough
Bureau of Land Management Liaison
Pete Smith
Bureau of Land Management Liaison
Erin White
Volunteer Coordinator
Penny Hergenrather
Vice President of Appreciation
Lynn Mareth
Vice President of Appreciation
Sarah Mayes
Vice President of Appreciation
Margie Prill
Vice President of Appreciation
Jo Schumacher
Vice President of Appreciation
Carol "Pinky" Strong
Vice President of Appreciation
Patricia Tyler
Vice President of Appreciation
Ann Warner
Vice President of Appreciation
Cody Wellons
Graphic Design Volunteer
Brittanee Lincoln
Social Media Coordinator
Amanda Carbonari
Care and Feeding of RAF Membership Volunteer
Missy Martin
Events Promotion and Website Volunteer
Presley Melton
Arkansas Ambassador
Jeffrey Iorio
Arizona Ambassador
Michael Langersmith
Colorado Ambassador

RAF History

"If not now, when; and if not us, who?" Those two questions were the basis for this organization we call the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF). Like certain words in other documents that we all refer back to, they are as appropriate today as they were on that starlit evening when those two questions were asked of the group of pilots a number of years ago while sitting around a campfire on a backcountry airstrip.

Team RAF

It's why you learned to fly.

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