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RAF Weekend Best Practices

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Rev. 03.2017

This best practice guide is advisory in nature and does not replace the responsibility of the each individual involved in planning, volunteering or attending the event.



RAF Weekend | Work Party Best Practices



The RAF Safety and Education Committee promotes safe, responsible and enjoyable recreational flying opportunities.  Our goal is zero accidents during RAF events.  The following steps will help guide you in planning a safe RAF Weekend/Fly-In/ Work Party.


Step One: Complete RAF Event Form (send to Volunteer Coordinator Erin White)

  • RAF Event Form


Step Two:  Event Coordinator Checklist - preparing for your event meet with local airport manager, event committee and/or  volunteers to create plan for the event using guidelines below

  • Personnel

    • Designate Key Volunteers and Roles

      • Air Boss (all communications to pilots is advisory in nature)

      • Ground Control volunteers

    • Identify additional personnel needed depending on:

      • size of fly-in

      • difficulty clearing runway

      • parking issues

    • Make available vest and hand held radios for event staff


  • Emergency Response Information


  • The following activities are prohibited at an RAF Weekend/ Fly-in/Work Party due to RAF Insurance Policy.

    • Formation Flying and Competitions (including but not limited to the following):

      • flour bomb

      • spot landing

      • formation flying

      • aerobatic maneuvers and or demonstrations


Step Three:  Communicating important information with your attendees


Event Information (to be included on calendar post) Include the most detailed pilot information as possible)

  • Airport Frequency

  • AirNav Link if available

  • Link to Pilot Briefing from RAF Website if available

  • Weather - closest reporting points and webcams if available

  • Any specialized procedures for event based on size of fly-in and airstrip and environment

    • May include:

      • Arrival and Departure Procedures

      • Include aerial photos and video as available (if using video please make sure we give credit and add disclaimer)

  • Additional Requirements/ Details

    • May include:

      • Signed Release Form

      • Printed Pilot Briefing

      • Work gloves and glasses required


Onsite Safety Briefing for work parties please include but not limited to:

  • Job site information

  • Projects

  • First Aid


If you have any questions about this document please contact:

RAF Safety and Education Committee Chair Jack Tyler at jtyler@theraf.org | 727-772-3002