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Creighton Island Improvements Continue

RAF Ambassador Eric Davis, his father Gary, RAF Ambassador Joe DeLeon, and RAF Florida Liaison Bobby Capozzi were on hand to accomplish more goals at Georgia’s Creighton Island the weekend of July 28-29.

Montana Call to Action for Helena Lewis and Clark Forest

The Helena/Lewis and Clark has done a respectful job of including aviation in the Forest plan and the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. For example, their desired conditions include this language: “Forest visitors use the designated system of roads, trails, and airstrips to access recreation activities appropriate within identified recreation opportunity setting locations.”

The pilot community should comment, showing appreciation for the consideration of aviation on the Forest.

RAF and EAA Team Up at National Park Airstrip in Alaska

The second annual RAF/EAA Chapter 42 Wrangell-St. Elias National Park fly-in and maintenance party concluded successfully over the July 13-15 weekend.  A dozen airplanes participated. Exotics like a Stinson, Helio-Courier and a Glastar joined the Cessnas, Pipers, and others.  Another 15 vehicles made the long trip overland including 60 miles of gravel along the historic Copper River and Northwestern Railway right of way.

Featured Airstrip

Allenholm Airport (VT26), located in South Hero, Vermont, is a privately owned, public use airport.

2018 Summer Newsletter

The 2018 Summer Newsletter is now available on our website. If you would prefer a paper copy of our newsletter, please let us know and we are happy to put one in the mail to you. Or, stop by any RAF event and we will have them there.

Swank Farms Fly-in

Since 1950, Swank Farms near Butler, OH has continued the American Midwest tradition of productive farming. In 1999, pilot Freeman Swank and his wife Mary added a barnstormer element by building an airfield, converting a turn-of-the-century barn into a picnic pavilion, and opening their farmstead to fly-in visitors. 

Great Turnout for Donuts and Coffee Event at OSH

Morning sun graced the rooftop deck above Hartzell Propeller's showroom at EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh as RAF supporters and friends gathered there Thursday morning, July 26. Attendees came to enjoy not-so-ordinary donuts, piping hot coffee and good company. A team of RAF volunteers served up the decadent gourmet treats. 

RAF Liaison featured in AOPA Pilot


RAF hosts Two Hearted Airstrip Grand Opening

To celebrate the addition of another premier recreational flying destination, the RAF held a Grand Opening July 7 at Two Hearted airstrip, in Michigan’s Lake Superior State Forest.

Fly-ins Resume at Georgia’s Creighton Island

After one weather cancellation, the series of Creighton Island Fly-in’s continued on the June 22-24 weekend. 

Gary Davis (RAF Georgia Ambassador Eric Davis's father) and Ambassador Amrat Chugani and Florida Liaison Bobby Capozzi flew in and while there, found ancient artifacts, among them, a perfectly preserved tomahawk head.