Update on State Recreational Use Statutes As They Pertain to Aviation

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The Recreational Aviation Foundation is making this information available as an aid to any parties that may be willing to pursue the inclusion of aviation into their state's statute. Landowners with airstrips on their property in particular may be interested in the additional protection a statute change may offer.

A state-by-state synopsis was researched for the RAF as a graduate student project funded by the RAF. The individual statutes are current as of this posting in January of 2010 but are subject to change by state legislatures.

To see the 50-state Recreational Use Statute summary with an introduction by the RAF as a .pdf file - Click Here

The following states have in their Statutes aviation-specific language and the actual statute is available by clicking on the individual state name. These are .pdf files.

Related Files (Click a link below to download)Size
Airport landowners liability laws315.68 KB
Alaska Code of Civil Procedure91 KB
Arizona RUS22.49 KB
Arkansas RUS 125.2 KB
Idaho RUS17.82 KB
Kansas RUS64.9 KB
Maine RUS23.25 KB
Massachusetts RUS19.29 KB
Minnesota RUS81.56 KB
Montana RUS97.54 KB
New Mexico RUS27.24 KB
Oklahoma RUS70.78 KB
Pennsylvania RUS.50.91 KB
New Hampshire RUS13.53 KB
South Dakota RUS12 KB
Tennessee RUS95.08 KB
Utah RUS95.19 KB
Vermont RUS97 KB
Virginia RUS93.33 KB
Washington RUS14.22 KB