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Chicken Strip Call to Action: Your Action is Needed by November 19

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The National Park Service (NPS) is asking for public comment on the Saline Valley Warm Springs Airfield, “Chicken Strip.”  This airstrip was in use before the area was added to Death Valley National Park in 1994. When the addition took place, the Park Service did not specify aviation as a legal use. This action is designed to correct that issue.

Superintendent Mike Reynolds proposes adding the special regulation that would legitimize its use, as it has at the other two airports within the park — Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells.

We are asking pilots to submit a brief comment BY NOVEMBER 19 in support of legitimizing Saline Valley Warm Springs Airfield, “Chicken Strip.” This is the final hurdle to fully legitimize the airstrip. Your polite and professional comments will help assure that this treasure remains available.

Relevant points:

  • The RAF has a formal cooperative agreement with the National Park Service to provide maintenance on Chicken Strip — at no cost to the public.
  • There are two permitted airports, very distant from this area of the Park.
  • Legitimizing the airstrip will help disperse use from the other two airports.
  • Aircraft access causes no wear and tear on the fragile landscape.
  • The airstrip acts as an internal trailhead, reducing the demand on road access.
  • The airstrip has natural barriers to overuse, as it is suitable for smaller, lighter backcountry-type aircraft.
  • Pilots are certified aircraft operators, must maintain a high level of training, must maintain their aircraft and respect all regulations.

The RAF appreciates this opportunity to engage and we hope you will join by letting the NPS know that aviation supports the decision to legitimize access by air to Death Valley National Park, specifically The Chicken Strip. Our voice counts. Please help by commenting.

Your action is needed by November 19 – Here’s how to comment:

Reference Regulation Identifier Number (RIN) 1024-AE48

Email https://www.regulations.gov

or by mail to:

Death Valley National Park, P.O. Box 579, Death Valley, CA 92328