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Havana Airport to host Short Field Takeoff and Landing workshop

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RAF Illinois Liaison Mike Purpura is pleased to announce “the perfect workshop for those folks who want to learn how to land on grass and land short.” This two-day workshop is co-sponsored by the RAF, Havana (9I0) Airport Board and SimplyFLY Flight School. “Many pilots have asked me about short and soft field techniques,” Mike said. Havana's beautiful 2,200-ft grass strip is “not exactly a short field, but by the time you are done with this workshop you should only need half of it,” he explains. 

The workshop begins with a free two-hour ground school Friday evening, May 18. This ground school is open to all, and WINGS credit applies. Three very experienced instructors will cover the aerodynamics of slow flight, performance landings and energy management. On Saturday, May 19, pilots will receive 30 minutes of individual instruction, then each will practice actual techniques. The $185 cost includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and flight instruction. Saturday’s Flight training is limited to 15, so register now to reserve your spot. Pilots are requested to bing their POH’s. Arrive by 5:00 pm on Friday and depart by 3:00 pm on Saturday.

Camping is free at the field, or lodging is available at Sisson’s Country Inn, Havana, 309-538-9200 or 309-360-6790.

For more information, study materials and instructor bios, contact:

Havana Airport Board Member Bob Martin, 217-871-6251; Bob@HavanaPrint.com or RAF Illinois State Liaison Mike Purpura, 630-936-3282; mpurpura@theraf.org.