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Pilots Learn Survival Skills at Training Class

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Have you ever really tried to make fire with wet wood and no matches? RAF Arkansas Liaison Dave Powell reports that 27 pilots spent Sunday, January 14 practicing real survival scenarios at Sugar Creek airfield (also called Price Coffee airfield) (58AR) and learned how to build a fire in spite of the snow. 

Four instructors brought a combined 30 years’ experience as Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) Instructors with Wilderness Emergency First Responder backgrounds. The four are also pilots and packed the eight-hour day with training to survive a forced landing into tree canopy, ditching, and flight into terrain. 

“What made the class really special was the range of attendees including two sisters who were newly minted pilots, to very experienced recreational pilots,” Dave said. Attendees could use the course for FAA proficiency WINGS credit.

Topics included the psychology and physiology of survival, first aid, shelter, signaling and communication and survival kit options and contents.

“They combined both classroom learning with small groups outside practicing real examples of scenarios that you might be faced with,” Dave said. “Very applicable,” he added.