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RAF to Help Maintain Popular Backcountry Oregon Airport

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The Oregon Department of Aviation (ODA) has difficulty maintaining many remote state airports.  We recreational pilots need to get involved and demonstrate to the state that these airports are important to us. In customary RAF style, that means volunteer work parties are being planned; the first being at McKenzie Bridge State Airport (00S).

McKenzie Bridge Airport offers access to many fantastic recreational opportunities, including fishing, mountain biking, rafting and hiking.  Unfortunately, many pilots avoid the airport due to the condition of the airfield and facilities. The RAF is collaborating with ODA to organize a work party on Saturday, June 2 to help address this issue.  We want to demonstrate our commitment to the airfield by making it safer and more attractive for the recreational aviation community.

We hope to accomplish these tasks:

1)   Repair rodent and wildlife damage to the airfield surface. We currently have commitments from three members to bring tractors with buckets to move dirt from a nearby stockpile.  We need many folks with shovels and garden rakes to fill the holes and smooth the surface.

2)   Clear weeds from tie-down and camping area.  We will require three or four folks with string trimmers.

3)   Paint tie-down anchor blocks and segmented circle.  Have you got any kids/grandkids with time on their hands?  We will need surplus white paint, brushes, and a store of unharnessed energy.

4)   Install a taller windsock pole.

5)   Relocate a couple of existing signs.  Shovels and hand tools required.

6)   ODA requested we clear the brush from over-run area at the West end of the airfield.  We may also try to clear the saplings intruding along the South side of the airfield.  This will require chainsaws, qualified operators and physical labor.

7)   The pit toilet could really use some maintenance, but it belongs to USFS.  We’ll pursue discussions with them in this regard.

If anyone has additional suggestions, please share them and we’ll see what we can accomplish.

We would like to have a potluck meal early Saturday evening.  If someone would like to provide a large BBQ for this, please let me know. 

You can camp overnight on the field, or in the USFS campground across the road.  Alternatively, you can ‘glamp’ at one of the many lodges and B&Bs along the McKenzie River.  There are a lot of diversions in the area to keep you, and your family, entertained for the weekend.  For more info, check out: http://visitmckenzieriver.com/oregon/

If you plan to fly in to help, please arrive Friday night, or before 9 am on Saturday.  Once we start operating tractors, it will be difficult to accommodate aircraft arrivals.  If you camp on the airfield overnight, please use the West end of the airstrip, in the Forest Service staging area, so we can work in the usual tie-down area at the East end on Saturday.

Please feel free to share any ideas on how to make this activity most successful.  Your support will be most welcome.  Further details will follow closer to June. 

Richard Mayes, Oregon State Liaison

Recreational Aviation Foundation