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Time for Public Comments: Bonny's Airfield Offers Eastern CO Recreation

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RAF Colorado Liaison Patrick Romano reports that, “We have an opportunity to reopen a public recreation airstrip near Bonny Reservoir in eastern Colorado.” The airfield would offer access to hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, and camping. This area is also very popular for deer, pheasant, and dove hunting; ATV and horseback riding.  

The Bureau of Reclamation is considering the removal of some facilities in the 6,829 acre region, but has included re-opening Bonny’s Airfield and retention of a Colorado Wildlife and Parks campground nearby. Public comment is being taken now. “Recreational pilots need to show support by commenting that Alternative A is the preferred alternative,” Romano said.

The Bureau of Reclamation’s Resource Management Plan, Alternative A states:

Under this alternative Reclamation would consider and investigate the reauthorization of the native surface airfield north of the dam, along County Road KK for landing, takeoff, and short term parking of small recreational single engine aircraft. The airfield is completely fenced and is roughly 200 feet wide by 3,800 feet long. This proposal would allow public use of the airfield, but no facilities would be provided. Wind socks may be placed to identify wind direction and speed. 

The entire document can be viewed here: 


A town hall meeting has been scheduled at Wray City Hall, 245 W. 4th St. Wray, CO, at 6 p.m on Wednesday, December 5, but prior to that, please consider adding your support for Alternative A by simply sending an email to 

sha-nka-rmp@usbr.gov , attention Nik Johanson

By mail: Nebraska-Kansas Area Office, 1706 W. 3rd Street, McCook, NE, 69001 postmarked by December 10        

“Not only would this be a win for pilots in the area – which is largely underserved regarding recreational airstrips – but it also would set a precedent for other airstrips that may be on Bureau of Reclamation or Colorado Wildlife and Parks lands,” Romano added.