Ohio’s Noble County Airport, (I10) lies within Wolf Run State Park, 64nm ESE of Columbus. Currently, it has a primitive restroom, drinking water, picnic tables and campground right on the shore of Wolf Run Lake, just a short woodsy trail from the tie-down area. “It’s the only fly-in campground on a lake in central Ohio,” RAF Ohio Liaison Christine Mortine said, “and it is in need of multiple improvements.” The main state campground is across the lake. “The portion of the campground on the airport side is beautifully private. This awesome place is definitely worth preserving and maintaining,” Mortine added. She was awarded an RAF grant to begin improvements. 

A planning meeting occurred at the airport in March, and going forward involves collaboration between Ohio State Parks, Noble County Commissioners, Noble County Airport Manager, community volunteers, and the RAF.

Mortine has planned a series of improvements. Two equipment carts to haul camping gear to the campground will be provided, and an RAF fire ring will be added to the two existing fire rings. The core planning group envisions improving picnic tables, building a firewood shed, adding a small wooden dock, and adding up to three wooden tent platforms closer to the lake,  replacement or improvement of the outhouse, and the addition of a courtesy car. 

“This will serve as the first RAF collaboration with the Ohio State Parks system,” Mortine said. She has two other Ohio sites in mind for which she hopes this will be a “boilerplate example of success.” 

“This is a great entry for the RAF to demonstrate, lead, and promote our goals and mission,” Mortine said.

To learn more about Noble County Airport, visit Airfield Guide.

Submitted on April 13, 2020


  1. Kathleen on May 2, 2020 at 8:18 am

    This is so exciting! What are the other places in Ohio you’re considering?

  2. Don Barbee on May 3, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    Thank you Christine for bringing this place of interest to our attention… !

  3. John Stone on May 6, 2020 at 7:30 am

    I’m so glad to hear this news and thank you so much to the RAF.
    Noble Co. is one of very few airports where a pilot can fly into and get to use the lake/park, even though many such airports exist, most make it impossible to utilize the lakes and parks at the location or nearby.
    Last weekend, 5/3/20, I flew to Sutton, WV-48I and Summersville, WV-SXL in hopes of finding access to the lakes and the surrounding nature only to find no access at all. I had great hopes for Summersville because, like Noble Co., it is actually surrounded by the lake, but found there is a high chain link fence around the entire airport grounds with no gates or means of reaching the lake. I enquired of a field based pilot and the airport manager if there was “a reasonable way” only to be told…”no”.

    It makes no sense in these days of airport downsizing and small airport closings due to lack of income/interest for airport authorities/managers not to actively support and search for ways to attract more pilot in these activities. I’m a member of local flying organizations, such as the EAA-etc., and hear just the opposite from local managers/authorities here… One would tend to just write them off as, “well if you don’t care if your airport dies…then why should I?”, but the facts are that many times these people are not pilots and don’t actually care if the airport survives or not. It is we pilots that suffer the loss.

    Thank you RAF again for actually supporting the ability of pilots and airport to make use of the beautiful areas where they are and I so hope, and will support, your ability to do so in this, our beautiful area of the country.

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