New York State Liaison

Russ didn’t start flying until 50, with a gift from his wife Sue of an introductory lesson.  Her comment “You’ve always wanted to fly … and you’re not getting any younger, you know” was answered with the warning “I might like it, you know!”  He set about making up for lost time, pursuing private, commercial, instrument and then his CFI.  He shared a Cessna 175 with a friend for several years, using it to explore and photograph in upstate New York and the Adirondack Mountains in particular, as well as for work flights to Boston, DC, and New Orleans and family flights to Ontario and New Brunswick.  Along the way, his tailwheel endorsement and single engine sea rating provided him the most fun flying he’s had to date, and although 7667M got him in and out of a lot of places, his ‘low and slow’ interests led to the desire for a more capable back country plane.  He finished his Rans S-7S in 2013 with plans to have it eventually live part of the year on amphibs.  Russ is a member of Galaxy Aviation, the Oneida County Aviation Association, EAA, AOPA and SAFE in addition to the RAF

His ‘day job’ for the last 30+ years has been in special education and developing and advocating for assistive technology solutions for kids and adults with disabilities.  He founded Adirondack AccessAbility which he now runs with his wife.  “It is great now to be able to meld my love of teaching and passion for flying, and give forward some of what I’ve been lucky enough to experience.  With the RAF I hope to put the advocacy experiences of my professional life to new use in the effort to develop and maintain back country general aviation options for the New York State aviation community and all who come to visit us.”