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Team RAF Staff

Jo Schumacher
Vice President of Appreciation
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Carol "Pinky" Strong
Vice President of Appreciation
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Patricia Tyler
Vice President of Appreciation

After cruising internationally for 11 years in their sailboat, Patricia and her husband, Jack, returned to Florida and wandered into the RAF tent at Sun ‘n Fun. They two have been involved with the RAF ever since. Jack became the FL Liaison and Patricia assisted him with presentations. Soon, she became a VP of Appreciation. She loves being able to thank donors for their contributions to the RAF.

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Ann Warner
Vice President of Appreciation

Ann recently moved from central Appalachia, where she enjoyed a long career as an educator, to southern Illinois, where she was raised.  In addition to her volunteer activities, she likes biking the local area, kayaking the nearby lake, hiking in the national forest a few miles away, and joining her husband at fly-in and air camping adventures. When not on the move, she enjoys reading, needlework, and "putzing" around the yard and garden.

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Cody Wellons
Graphic Design Volunteer

Cody Wellons has had a lifelong interest in aviation, although he didn't actually start flying until 2014 after being inspired while taking a scenic floatplane flight while visiting Alaska. Since then, he has obtained his private pilot certificate and a few endorsements (tailwheel, high performance and complex), and is slowly working toward his instrument rating and commercial certificate.

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Brittanee Lincoln
Social Media Coordinator

Aviation runs in the Lincoln family blood. Britt, a 4th generation pilot, grew up on a ranch in north-central Montana with a view of her family’s grass strip from their front door. However it wasn’t until 2017 that she obtainer her PPL, which became a life changing event. She obtained 5 ratings within a year of her Private Certificate, has “retired” from her career in Finance and is pursuing her dream in aviation.

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Amanda Carbonari
Care and Feeding of RAF Membership Volunteer

Amanda was inspired to pursue her private license after attending EAA Airventure 2015 with three other pilots. After returning from Oshkosh she immediately started lessons, passing her checkride in May 2016. Fast forward to now - her fiancé recently purchased a Cessna 180 and they moved to Wisconsin. They are excited to explore Wisconsin from the air as well as camp at both Two Hearted and Fox Island. She is currently getting her tailwheel endorsement in a Decathlon with the plan of completing spin training and aerobatic training in it afterward.

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Missy Martin
Events Promotion and Website Volunteer

A Montana native, Missy Martin has been lucky enough to recently return to her beautiful home state to fly the mighty C-130 Hercules for the Montana Air National Guard. Missy and her boyfriend co-own a 2000 Aviat A-1B Husky and have had a blast flying into the Idaho and Montana backcountry. She says, “being fortunate to live in mountain flying Mecca, the RAF helps combine and protect our love of two worlds; the outdoors and flying!”

Jeffrey Iorio
Arizona Ambassador

Day job:  Financial Advisor, Asset Manager, Life Insurance Specialist.  Business consultation.

Favorite airstrip: I have two: Elmers' Point in North Dakota and Chicken Strip.  I haven't landed at Chicken Strip.  But I keep looking at it and hope that it will not be taken out of use.  It has a hot springs a quarter mile from the strip. I hope to land there sometime this winter.

Presley Melton
Arkansas Ambassador

Day job: Retired sales management

Favorite airstrip: Trigger Gap, Arkansas - 17A and Byrd’s Adventure Center, Arkansas - 51AR

Next adventure: Back to Idaho from Arkansas in my AirCam