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Team RAF Staff

Sam Chambers
Colorado Ambassador

Day job: Framing contractor

Favorite airstrip: Whatever one I am going to next

Next adventure: Going airstrip to airstrip hunting in Utah 

Katerina Barilov
California Ambassador

Day job: International Aircraft Financier

Favorite airstrip: Cinder Cone Dry Lake Bed

Next adventure: Idaho! 

Bill Murrish
Colorado and Alaska Ambassador

Day job: Pilot with K2 Aviation (Summer), Engineer (Winter)

Favorite airstrip: Pika Glacier, Denali NP, AK

Next adventure: Flying Alaska 2019 Season

Alex Ruehle
Colorado Ambassador

Day job: Investment Manager

Favorite airstrip: Mexican Mountain, Utah

Next adventure: A fall weekend camping in the Utah backcountry

Greg Delp
Connecticut Ambassador

Day job:  Corporate Pilot flying Gulfstream 650/550/450

Favorite airstrip: Waterbury/Plymouth N41

Next adventure: Picking up my Maule in Wisconsin and flying her home to CT via as many grass strips as I can find.

Amrat Chugani
Florida Ambassador

Day job: Student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida

Favorite airstrip: 28J, Palatka Municipal Airport (I solo-ed there)

Next adventure: Graduate and build time to become a corporate pilot

Lynn Gardner
Florida Ambassador

Day job: Capt. on the Dassault Falcon 2000 for Netjets.

Favorite airstrip: Garden Valley, Idaho is my current favorite camping spot with Creighton Island, Georgia a close second

Next adventure: Exploring the Arkansas backcountry in the spring