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Lynn Gardner
Florida Ambassador

Day job: Capt. on the Dassault Falcon 2000 for Netjets.

Favorite airstrip: Garden Valley, Idaho is my current favorite camping spot with Creighton Island, Georgia a close second

Next adventure: Exploring the Arkansas backcountry in the spring

Eric Davis
Georgia Ambassador

Day job: Principal Solutions Engineer - Calix, Inc.

Favorite airstrip: Creighton Island, Georgia

Next adventure: Check the RAF Calendar as it changes monthly

Brian Unrein
Georgia Ambassador

Day job: IT Manager

Favorite airstrip: Sedona, AZ (KSEZ)

Next adventure: Key Largo, FL

Andrew Simmons
Idaho Ambassador

Day job: Pharmaceutical Commercial Operations

Favorite airstrip: Given where I live the options are plenty.  And as much as I love the remote and more challenging BC strips around here, it’s hard to beat flying over the Sawtooths and down into Stanley.  Crossing the jagged peaks and high alpine lakes, the scenery is nothing short of awesome. Then descending quickly into that iconic little western mountain town during the summer months when it’s buzzing with outdoor enthusiasts, well... that’s my happy place.

David Warner
Illinois Ambassador

Day job: Recently retired, I now have more time to fly. As a consulting forester in West Virginia most of the time since 1979, I’m now living in Southern Illinois and rediscovering my roots.

Favorite airstrip: Oh so many to choose from! I enjoyed being based at Eastview (WV67) and flying into Sky Bryce (VG18) and also Mallory (WV12) near Charlie West. Back here in Illinois there is much to discover but let’s start with Flight Park (1IL4) near Columbia, IL. Check back with me in a year.

Ken Warren
Iowa Ambassador

Ken Warren grew up in Kentucky and Tennessee and came to love the outdoors while hunting and fishing with his father and grandfather.

Ken started his journey with aviation in 2016, when at a fly-in he met a light-sport CFI and found out he could buy an experimental aircraft for the cost of a used car. After flying a Titan Tornado II for a year, he finished the private pilot certificate, got a tailwheel and complex endorsements, and purchased a Maule M5-235. 

Bruce Latvala
Kansas Ambassador

Day job: Engineering Test Pilot at Textron Aviation (Cessna Aircraft Company)

Favorite airstrip: That’s tough to narrow it down.  I can only narrow it down to 3: Moose Creek, Idaho. Thomas Creek, Idaho.  Flying B ranch, Idaho.

Next adventure: Backcountry flying in Arkansas followed by a rock climbing and jeeping trip around the White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park.