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State Liaisons

R.M. "Bob" Burley
Vermont State Liaison

What began as frequent 12 mile bicycle rides to a local Vermont airport in the early 1950's quickly evolved into a full-fledged airport rat manifestation.

Along the way, peripheral excursions have included: retired international corporate executive (F-10 company), former Air Force officer, pilot, stints as Highway Engineer, logger, Operations Director for a large New England FBO, aerial surveying, Museum Aviation Curator and other fruitful stops.

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Dave Whitelaw
Washington State Liaison

Dave was born and raised on an Indian Reservation in E Washington, he learned to love and respect the outdoors- camping, hunting, fishing and working. His father owned and operated a logging company which he worked for while going to high school and college, learning the value of hard work and being independent. While in college, Dave’s father encouraged him to get his pilot’s license, saying that GA was the future. After graduating from the Univ. of Washington, he moved to Alaska to experience the ‘Last Frontier’, and to hunt and fish the wilds.

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Jeff Russell
Wisconsin State Liaison

A lifelong resident of Wisconsin, Jeff Russell grew up in Sheboygan and now resides near Madison, WI. He  flies a SuperCub and Cirrus out of the Morey airport in Middleton. “The SuperCub rotates between Bushwheels, skis, and floats and spends at least two weeks a year in the backcountry of Montana and Idaho,” he says, adding, “I look forward to working with the RAF on its mission to promote recreational aviation in Wisconsin.”  

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Lori Olson
Wyoming State Liaison

Lori grew up the youngest (with a twin sister) in a large aviation family. Her father served as navigator on a B-29 during WWII, and later piloted his family around the country in a PA-11, a Skywagon, and a Piper Navajo. Her childhood was filled with Sunday afternoon flights in the PA-11, flying the C-180 to visit older siblings who were in college at the University of Wyoming, and accompanying her father on business trips and travels to many destinations.

Her brother became a CFI, and three brothers-in-law held private pilot certificates.

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