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Larry Filener

New Mexico State Liaison

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Larry Filener has had a life-long passion for aviation.  He began flying at age 16 and has been enjoying flying and backcountry flying every since.  Larry currently owns a 1959 Cessna 180 and, along with his family, flies to the backcountry as often as possible.  For the last two years, Larry has been involved with the RAF and the New Mexico Pilot’s Association (NMPA).  He is Chairman of the New Mexico Recreation Aviation Committee of the NMPA and has headed up their efforts to reopen several backcountry and recreational airstrips.

Larry is a CPA and has owned his own firm for the last twenty years.  He specializes in the practice of Real Estate and Construction accounting. 

Larry has been married to his wife Holly for over thirty years and they truly love living in New Mexico. Holly and Larry live in Los Lunas at the MidValley Airpark (E98).   In addition to his wife Holly, he has four children, (1 girl and 3 boys), ages 11 through 20.

New Mexico has a number of great backcountry destinations, and with the help of the RAF and NMPA, he is excited about the possibility of adding new destinations to that inventory.  He looks forward to meeting all RAF members in New Mexico!

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