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Mike Hart

Idaho State Liaison

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Mike Hart is a nerdy pilot from Idaho and co-host of the Pilot’s Journey Podcast (www.pilotsjourney.com). He received his private pilot’s license when he was 18 and flew most of his early years off a short 1,800-foot grass strip near Paola, Kansas.  Mike moved to Idaho more than 20 years ago and reacquainted himself with flying, adding Commercial and IFR ratings to his list of aviation experiences.

As a pilot in Idaho, he couldn’t help but getting acquainted with backcountry flying and soon was hooked. When trips took him to various parts of Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Nevada, California and Washington, he would sample a few backcountry strips in his old 182. He joined the RAF after hearing about the organization’s work to keep one of his favorites open  — the Chicken Strip in Saline Valley, California. 

When issues arose with his local airport’s master plan, he helped get parties together to find constructive solutions. He was later elected to the board of the Idaho Aviation Association representing his part of the state and helping organize the Trade Show Aviation Idaho in Idaho Falls. 

Mike has a master’s degree in environmental science, with an emphasis in policy and law. He owns a small communication firm and recently started a business for aerial photography, thermography and videography. He flies a Turbo 206 aerial photo plane for business and a 1945 J-3 Cub for fun.

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