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Roger Blew

Environmental Science Advisory Committee

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Roger Blew has a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Calgary and works as a contractor for the Department of Energy at the Idaho National Laboraotry.  He serves as Technical Lead for the Ecological Support for Land Management Task at the Idaho National Laboratory.  In this role, Dr. Blew leads a team of scientists providing expertise in conservation planning, wildland fire management, threatened and endangered species, invasive species management, revegetation, wildlife management, and vegetation management.  As Coordinator of the Idaho National Environmental Research Park at the INL, Dr. Blew facilitates the use of the park for research projects by agencies and universities. He has conducted research on recovery of sagebrush rangeland following fire, long-term vegetation dynamics in sagebrush steppe, ecological restoration techniques, and sagebrush population dynamics.

Roger has been flying since 2004 and owns a 1960 182.

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