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Al Clayton

Alaska State Liaison

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Al was born in Alaska and has been stuck there ever since.  He got a ride in the back seat of a Super Cub to a remote hunting camp in the Wrangell Mountains as a teenager which convinced him he needed wings.  He went off to Oregon for college with a plan get smart and make money so he could afford them.  

Al met Beth, his tolerant wife, at college in Oregon.  She thoughtfully gave Al a pilot’s log book for Christmas, apparently without realizing that the $10.00 book was a money gobbling monster.  There are now two and one half planes in the Clayton collection.  They include a Cessna 172 which has been shared with a partner since 1996, a Cessna 170B, which had been wrecked and was restored by Al and his friend Rob Tasker, and an experimental Super Cub, built by lifelong Alaskan Kirk Ellis.

Frequent flight destinations for Al and his family include airstrips in the Wrangell –St. Elias National Park near McCarthy, Alaska, the lakes and ponds of southwestern Alaska, and a small strip near Skwentna, Alaska, where leopard-spotted rainbow trout abound.  These trout eat mice.

Al is a member of the “Pioneers of Alaska,” the Alaska Airmen Association, the Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation, AOPA, and EAA.  He is President of Dairy Airpark Homeowners Association which owns an airstrip on the west bank of the Kennicott River.  Al is pleased to be a new member of the RAF and excited about the opportunity to advance its mission in the Last Frontier.

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