When I think about how the RAF functions, the methods of the life insurance salesperson surface now and then. What’s that got to do with a little nudge? In my professional life, politely providing useful information got me and my client to a desired positive outcome. How do you help someone see a new point…

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RAF Podcast #9: Richard McSpadden

Richard Mcfadden in a cockpit

This is a great discussion about “Spad’s” 20 year career in the Air Force, including leading the Thunderbirds, transitioning to General Aviation and civilian life and now his third career as the Director of the Air Safety Institute and the joint initiative between the ASI and the RAF to reduce accidents in the backcountry.

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RAF Podcast #8: Amrat Chugani

Amrat in a cockpit

Bill chats with Amrat Chugani about his career in aviation, learning to fly in Florida, getting his tailwheel endorsement and why he’s a part of the RAF volunteers and what’s next…

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Alaine Olthafer-Lange and Andy Lange

Alaine and Andy Lange Close up Crop

You’ll notice a buzz of youthful activity at A&A Aviation at Platteville Municipal Airport, (KPVB) in southwest Wisconsin. The young couple Alaine Olthafer-Lange and her husband Andy Lange began with a Cherokee for instruction. They expanded into an FBO, adding another aircraft and pilot services. When the airport manager retired, they became airport managers, taking…

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RAF Podcast #6: John Nadeau

Bill chats with John Nadeau about growing up next to an airfield in Massachusetts, finally becoming a pilot and an airfield owner which lead him to become the RAF’s knowledge leader in the Recreational Use Statutes initiative. This is a very informative podcast for anyone who owns (or knows someone who owns) an airfield and…

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