The Recreational Aviation Foundation is making this information available as an aid to any parties that may be willing to pursue the inclusion of aviation into their state's statute. Landowners with airstrips on their property in particular may be interested in the additional protection a statute change may offer.

A state-by-state synopsis was researched for the RAF as a graduate student project funded by the RAF. The individual statutes are current as of this posting in Feb. 1, 2016 but are subject to change by state legislatures.

To see the 50-state Recreational Use Statute summary with an introduction by the RAF as a .pdf file - Click Here

30 State Recreational Use Statutes Specifically Include Aviation (01/13/2016)

Twenty seven states have included aviation-specific language in their Recreational Use Statutes (RUS) or through other civil code laws.  Three states (MD, NC, ND) define recreation broadly and list no specific recreational activities.  Most other states define recreational activities as “including, but not limited to…” a list of activities such as hunting, hiking, atv riding, etc.  “Includes, but is not limited to…” would imply that the intent is to include all other forms of outdoor recreation including aviation for recreation. Specific excerpts for each state are provided below.