Oct 29, 2022 8:00AM—Oct 30, 2022 5:00PM

A fly-in event will take place at Creighton Island Airfield in Georgia on October 29-31.
There will be 50-cal rifle training sessions taking place on the island’s 2-mile range. Anyone interested in joining the class may do so. The fee is $500 per person.

Activities include: Hiking, exploring (most of the island is undeveloped and unchanged dating back to the civil war era), kayaking/canoeing, bird-watching, airstrip & site maintenance. Visit nearby St. Simon’s and/or Jekyll Islands: &

Limited bunks. There are three cabins, each with six beds; first come – first serve. Unlimited tent spots. Meal pavilion, hot showers, potable water, fire ring, no electricity. Refer to the pilot briefing for details. Review and acknowledgement of the contents of the pilot briefing are mandatory:;EzXJfrLwuhrxbMdzcpzE. You are required to enter your tail number after reviewing the briefing, indicating your acknowledgement of its contents.

Meals are on your own. There are limited propane fired stove burners and plenty of meal-prep space in the pavilion.

Check the Airfield.Guide website for last minute updates regarding field condition, weather cancellations, etc. :