Jun 17, 2023 9:00AM


McKenzie Bridge State Airport (00S), Oregon

Event Contact Richard Mayes | Email

***Update 6/12/23*** This event has been cancelled, no reschedule date has been set.

There will be a volunteer work party at McKenzie Bridge State Airport (00S) on Saturday June 17, beginning 9 am PST.

Efforts will include runway and parking area maintenance; painting of runway markers, segmented circle and windsock pole; and trimming/removal of brush.  

1) Airfield mowing – Paul MacClanahan will provide the equipment to mow the airfield and parking area.  Any additional mowers will be appreciated.

2) Painting the runway markers – Kevin Johnson will provide the equipment and paint for painting the markers

   a) Two volunteers are needed to trim the grass around the markers with a string trimmer and clear the debris from the markers with a blower/broom, in advance of painting.

3) Volunteers are needed to provide the materials and paint the segmented circle and windsock pole – four people makes this job easier.  You will need to provide one gallon each of signal orange and bright white paint, along with the necessary scrapers and brushes – camp chairs are also handy for this effort.  Inexpensive latex paint is okay, nothing exotic required.  If you can volunteer to undertake this effort, please let me know.

4) Brush trimming/removal generally requires use of string trimmers, long handled secateurs (pruning shears), powered hedge clippers, etc.  There is usually a considerable amount of weed-wacking to complete.  A nominal amount of small chain saw work is sometime also required.

If you can volunteer to undertake any of tasks 2a), 3) or 4), please contact Richard Mayes at

Please wear sturdy shoes, gloves, long sleeve shirts and sun/eye/hearing protection.  It will likely be sunny and hot so bring water, cold drinks and some food to sustain your efforts.  Usually, we are finished by lunch time.  If anyone is interested, we could drive into McKenzie Bridge for lunch.

If you plan to fly into 00S on Saturday, please monitor and broadcast your intentions on 122.90.  Be especially vigilant for other aircraft circling, landing or taking off from the airstrip.  Watch for people and equipment on the ground.  

***Please review the McKenzie Bridge Safety briefing before flying to 00S.***