Jun 23, 2023 8:00AM—Jun 25, 2023

Please celebrate the RAF’s 20th Anniversary at the one our many events across the country!

June 9-11:
Murrow Field Fly-In NM – Celebrate the RAF’s 20th at Murrow Field on the Divide! Contact Rol Murrow for more information: rmurrow@theraf.org.

June 15-18:

Johnson Creek Fly-In, ID – Enjoy Father’s Day Weekend at Johnson Creek in Idaho, and celebrate the RAF’s 20th! Contact Lou Furlong for more information: lfurlong@theraf.org.

*June 23-25:
Katama Airfield Fly-In, MA – Underwing camping will be allowed for this weekend only! http://katamaairfield.com/ Questions? Email RAF Director Bill Brine (bbrine@theraf.org).

Cornucopia Solstice Fly-In, WI – This annual fly-in will have an Anniversary spin this year! Questions? Contact WI Liaison Amanda Levin (acarbonari@theraf.org).

Cavanaugh Bay, ID – Email ID Liaison Bruce “Sparky” Parker (bparker@theraf.org) or WA Liaison Dave Whitelaw (dwhitelaw@theraf.org) for information.

Locomotive Springs, UT – Pilots can fly in for lunch (bring your own sandwich) and/or bring a tent and camp overnight. Email Wendy Lessig, UT Liaison for more information (wlessig@theraf.org).

Missouri River Breaks Fly-In, MT – This annual fly-in will have an Anniversary celebration! Questions? Contact Kodi Myhre: kmyhre@theraf.org.

Freeman Swank Farms, OH – Enjoy celebrating the RAF’s anniversary on Saturday the 24th. Bring your own lunch/dinner. Contact Christine Mortine (cmortine@theraf.org) or Freeman Swank (fswank@theraf.org) for more information.

Ryan Field, MT – A casual celebration will take place at Ryan’s on Saturday, June 24.

July 25:
EAA AirVenture, WI – The RAF will be at Oshkosh again this year, with donuts and coffee on Tuesday at 9 am on the Hartzell rooftop. Stay tuned for forum information.

Sept 1-3:
Reserve (Gila) Fly-In, NM – Email NM Liaison Ron Keller (rkeller@theraf.org) for information.

*Please note, there will not be a Ryan Fly-In this year, due to the other fly-ins planned. You are still welcome to visit Ryan that weekend, and all summer!