Ways to Give


You can make a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation to the RAF by clicking here.

Matching Gift Programs

Considering a donation? Many companies match the donations their employees make through an employee match program. To search if your company will match your gift, visit Charity Navigator.

Planned Giving

Volunteering your time or making gifts of money or real assets will help to sustain and improve the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), but with careful planning, your gifts can also benefit you financially. When is the best time to make a gift? What do you give? Are there ways to leverage your gifts into something even more significant?

Many of our generous donors have also met with their financial and legal advisors to formulate customized plans that leverage their current and future gifts. These planned giving techniques often reduce or eliminate capital gains and gift taxes.

Types of Planned Gifts

There are a number of ways to leave a gift to the RAF. Below are short descriptions of just a few planned giving strategies to consider when discussing plans with your financial and legal advisors.

Charitable Remainder Trust

When you create and fund a charitable remainder trust, you will receive an income stream from the trust, typically for life, and the remaining assets can go to the RAF.  These types of trusts are often funded with appreciated securities and you receive an income tax deduction. Depending on the size of the gift and your income, the income tax deduction can be carried forward for an additional 5 years.

Retirement Assets

An IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) can be assigned to the RAF and used to support our mission.


Cash and real assets, such as stock or real estate, are examples of bequests that you can leave to the RAF. The value of these gifts will provide a deduction to your taxable estate, equal to the value on the date of your passing.

Life Insurance

The RAF can also be named as a beneficiary of a life insurance trust. While you pay the premiums, the life insurance proceeds are not part of your taxable estate.

Please email us at contact@theraf.org or call us at 406-582-1723 to visit about this.

Legal Name: Recreational Aviation Foundation    Tax ID Number: 42-1613294

As always, we ask you to talk to your tax adviser to see if any of these planned giving options are right for you.