Maine State Liaison

I may be the slowest learner in aviation history as I first soloed in 1963, but did not get my private license until last summer….2010! I followed up with a seaplane rating a month or so later and am presently working on an instrument rating. I’ve owned 2 aircraft, a Champ (in 1963) which my Dad sold while I was interrupting my college years with a visit to Paris Island and Camp Lejeune, and the 180hp Skyhawk on straight PK’s that I own today. Between then and now I managed to get a degree in Art History, shoot almost 1000 TV shows accumulating more frequent flyer miles than the average airline crew, and pick up a USCG Master’s license, sailing the Atlantic from Cape Town to Spitzbergen….all of which interfered with my quest for a private license. At least, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!

I’m a lifelong outdoors nut whether it be hunting, fishing, sailing, diving, climbing, ice boating or wind surfing. I am amazed that the RAF has accomplished so much in such a short time. Now that I’ve gotten to know a bit about the organization, I’m not surprised and hope that we can add many Maine airstrips to the RAF’s success story.

I’ll have a lot of help here as my instructors, mentors and friends comprise the cream of the crop of Maine’s bush pilots and I’m looking forward to getting to work. My Dad would be proud that at the age of 69, I finally have a real job.