Recreational Aviation Foundation Arkansas State Liaison Dave Myrick reports that after sending a copy of the RAF newsletter and website links to another Arkansas pilot, he received some exciting news.

“The phone call made my day,” Myrick said. “It was RAF member David Ellison of Bradford. He knew of our success with the Arkansas Recreational Use Statutes (RUS) amendment and decided to call me.”

Ellison had flown as an ag pilot for 16 years when he decided to turn his passion for aviation in another direction. He told Myrick that he plans to purchase 75 acres to build a 3,000-foot turf airstrip with a slightly shorter crosswind runway.

“He said that his membership and belief in the RAF closed the deal on his decision,” Myrick said.

One of his primary goals is to provide camping and recreation opportunities. The property is centrally located in the state for fly-ins with two airports with services 25-30 miles nearby.

The two discussed RUS protections, logistical issues, and private property rights in Arkansas. Ellison is considering registering with the FAA to be included on charts for better exposure.

“I always believed that the RUS amendments are the first step in a much larger long term plan. Stories like this reinforce our belief that it is all worth the work and effort,” Myrick said.

Submitted May 1, 2013.

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