The RAF is pleased to report that efforts by its membership contributed to a 17% share of comments received by the Helena/Lewis and Clark National Forest during their public scoping period. These comments will steer the future travel plan on the Helena/Lewis and Clark National Forest, 2,846,606 acres of public land located in the Rocky Mountains of central Montana. 

In March, RAF Montana State Liaison Ron Normandeau sent out a Call To Action asking the aviation community to provide input during the required Forest Service Public Scoping period. RAF Director Emeritus Jerry Cain scrutinized the entire draft plan and his comment offered 20 points to best represent aviation.

“I verified the number of comments the Forest Service received on their website. There were about one thousand total comments, so seventeen percent would be one hundred seventy comments submitted by pilots, nationwide – a very good response,” Normandeau said. 

“Thanks to all who submitted comments during the scoping period. It ensures that aviation will be included in the Forest Plan and Environmental Impact Statement,” he said.

Submitted on October 18, 2017.

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