Brian Thomas is a self-proclaimed aviation nerd, having attended his first airshow with his father at eight years old. “From that point, I’ve been fascinated with aviation, and built large scale RC aircraft through my youth,” he says. He was also involved with the Civil Air Patrol cadet program at a young age. He enlisted in the Army National Guard as a 67N UH-1 Helicopter Mechanic. Brian has been employed in the aviation industry throughout his life, starting in line service, moving into FBO management, and then venturing into Corporate Aircraft Interior Refurbishments where he has spent the last 15 years. He presently manages the Upholstery Shop at Sikorsky where he is tasked with production of the VH-92A Presidential Heli Interiors.

“Outside of work, I’m heavily involved with nearly anything to do with aviation,” Brian says. He is a member of several EAA chapters, Warbirds of America, and the Vintage Aircraft Association, and enjoys historical aircraft research. He is an avid hiker and enjoys photography. He is restoring a 1942 Aeronca L3B. “I hope to complete it as a memorial and a fun way to educate youth of the sacrifices made by our greatest generation,” he says.

Throughout his travels for work, Brian has noticed a common theme ring true. He says, “You’d better enjoy this slice of heaven and work to preserve these destinations, so they don’t become something other than an airport. To that end, as Connecticut Liaison, I am eager to do what I can to help preserve grassroots airports and promote the RAF mission.”

Brian can be reached at
Ph: 302-660-9626

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