“This year’s annual Winter’s Finally Over (WFO) hangar party saw the biggest attendance we have ever had with well over two hundred people,” RAF Wisconsin Liaison Jeff Russell reports. The gathering happened on Saturday, May 18 at Morey Airport in Middleton, WI, and “was very successful and generated a lot of interest in the RAF, and $3,500 in donations for the RAF to use for the Cornucopia Airport,” Jeff added. There was live music, a table overflowing with potluck dishes, a prize table full of RAF logo wear, and many appealing donations from locals including a Husky flight experience, a box of cut and wrapped beef and pork, pet supplies, and Jeff’s gently-used Garmin Aera GPS.

It’s obvious the Village of Cornucopia appreciates and loves its 2,000-ft turf airstrip, (WI23) located on the Wisconsin shore of Lake Superior, 46 nm east of Duluth. The community held a Cornucopia Airport fundraiser the same evening at Justine Broderson’s colorful coffee shop with around 40 people attending. “As the population of the entire village is only ninety-eight people, this was a fantastic turnout,” Jeff said. Guests sipped wines and enjoyed an array of hors d’oeuvres while bidding on the many silent auction items and selecting donation amounts from the “Giving Tree” yielding another $1,240 in donations.

“Cornucopia Airport is located in a very beautiful part of Wisconsin with many recreational opportunities near the shoreline of Lake Superior,” Jeff said. Jeff has obtained an RAF grant to build a pilot shelter with steel siding, install four tie-downs, and provide three picnic tables and loaner bicycles for the one-mile trip into town. Funds raised at the WFO party and Village of Cornucopia fundraiser event will supplement the RAF grant, allowing for all proposed projects to be completed.

The RAF wishes to thank Justine and Tim Kaseno for spearheading the community event. “They did a fantastic job, and we are already making plans for next year and Phase II of airport improvements,” Jeff said.

Submitted on May 25, 2019

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