While Edie is not a pilot, she has somehow managed to surround herself with them. A college boyfriend took her on her first date in a Cessna 150. Her brother earned his private pilot’s license in his teens just for fun but loved it so much he made aviation a lifelong career. Edie met her pilot husband Rob while pitching his aviation company to use her design services just as she was launching her own design business. Creating and placing their AC Flyer and Controller ads helped her business take flight. Rob’s long career in aviation has been diverse, and through the years many of his pilot colleagues have also become their friends. Rob discovered the RAF through one of these friends and has been excited about it ever since. Edie has had the pleasure to attend a few RAF events with Rob and found the enthusiasm at these gatherings undeniably contagious. She is happy to support this great organization with her graphic design, though she says that on balance she comes out way ahead as she has far too much fun doing it!

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