Former RAF Director Steve Johnson invites all to tune into his Hump Day Hangar Presentations. As founder and administrator for the popular forum SuperCub.org, Steve has initiated weekly free virtual hangar talk presentations available to anyone.

“With all the uncertainty in 2020, I felt like something needed to happen to keep people connected, so I started the Hump Day Hangar Presentations with Bill Rusk as our inaugural speaker,” he said. Mr. Rusk shared his experiences bush flying in Alaska with his homebuilt Javron Super Cub.

Other presenters were RAF Director Jeff Russell and RAF member Jeff Plantz on “Two Cubs to Alaska”; and RAF member and career pilot Mike Vivion’s “Flights on the Wild Side — The Wanderings of an Alaska Wildlife Biologist/Pilot”.

Live presentations are scheduled on Zoom at 7 p.m. CDT each Wednesday. “The six presentations we have hosted so far have received over 12,000 views on YouTube,” Steve said. If you miss the live version, these presentations are all saved on YouTube and can be watched at your convenience. Simply search for “Hump Day Hangar” or go here.

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