Your RAF Safety and Education Committee is thrilled to announce that AOPA Air Safety Institute’s new Mountain/Backcountry Flight Review is now available free online. It includes videos and pre-flight resources. The RAF collaborated extensively with the ASI to build this profile as a result of your comments in the RAF Safety Survey, where many of you told us you want to strengthen your mountain and backcountry flying skills. 

You’ll find the Mountain/Backcountry Flight Review here:

Here are some users’ reviews:

“This specialized review gave me two things:  It helped me build skills that gave me more safe options.  But it also made clearer what my ‘No Go’ options are that I should avoid.”

Our flying is unique, at times requiring low and slow flight, sometimes in less than ideal conditions that raise our risk level.  We think you, too, will find the Mountain/Backcountry Flight Review helpful in managing those increased risks.

“Not long after this review, I planned to attend a fly-in to a short grass field nearby with a friend. It was another hot, humid day and the fly-in was scheduled for late afternoon. It had also recently rained there. We decided to ignore the schedule and attend early as we felt a late day departure was potentially beyond the limits of our aircraft. We arrived early, the field was soft and we left as the event started. Later that day several planes ran out of runway or were unable to leave due to field conditions and density altitude.” 

Our flying can challenge us in ways we might not expect.  A flight review “around the pea patch” at our home field won’t prepare us for those occasions.

“For me especially, having never flown in any mountainous terrain, some of the air work in this flight review was a real eye-opener!”

Utilizing the “air work” section of this review with an experienced instructor may introduce you to new maneuvers before they are needed.

“I will not plan to attempt an emergency box canyon turn without more instruction!”

You don’t have to wait for your flight review to benefit from this.  You can use any part of this customized review on you own, perhaps with a safety pilot, to refresh your knowledge about a skill unique to our kind of flying.

“My flying rarely takes me down ‘low and slow’ with maneuvering turns, so I had lost the ‘feel’ for my plane in that part of the envelope.  The review’s air work portion helped me regain my confidence there.“

If you or your CFI would like to discuss using this flight review format further, call ASI at 301-695-2034 


RAF Safety & Education Chair Jack Tyler at 406-582-1723

Happy and safe flying,

Your fellow pilots on RAF’s Safety & Education Committee

Submitted on November 28, 2018

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