RAF Arkansas Liaison Harper Goodwin used an RAF grant and the help of Arkansas Liaison Dave Powell and a host of volunteers to build fencing for an observation area at Trigger Gap airfield, 17A. “Sixteen faithful volunteers were on hand for a full day of hard work on November 18. With the good turnout and collective efforts, two days of work was done in one,” Goodwin said. “It was a perfect Ozark fall day which saw a good bit of traffic fly in and out, including a group of Stinsons,” he added.

Trigger Gap Airfield is located on The Nature Conservancy land. “We feel that this and other positive RAF projects will strengthen our relationship with TNC. We are also very focused on neighborhood support, which overall has been outstanding,” Goodwin said.

Volunteers repositioned the existing gate and fence, and constructed other fencing to provide for a viewing area for spectators. Walkthrough access was provided to the airfield, and the gate has a combination lock which limits drive through access. 

In addition to the viewing area, volunteers constructed a traffic pattern indicator around the windsock, and built two firewood storage racks and stocked them with firewood they’d cut and split. Picnic tables were ordered but not delivered in time, so assembly will be scheduled at a later date. “I always find it surprising that most people have no idea that this backcountry thing even exists. This observation area will be a wonderful place for interested individuals to bring kids and others to learn about the RAF, backcountry flying and TNC,” Goodwin added. 

Pilots are asked to fly with respect to others in the environment. Trigger Gap was designed to be a destination airstrip. Land, get out, and enjoy lunch or camp. To reduce noise issues, please do not conduct multiple landings and take offs or fly low over the area. Find information on Trigger Gap in the Airfield Guide

Submitted November 30, 2023
By Carmine Mowbray

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  1. Glenn Mathis on December 1, 2023 at 6:15 am

    That’s awesome! We flew in when they were updating/building the pilots shelter and it was an impressive work party with a lot going on. The results (as well as this) are awesome!

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