Do you have a video that captures the spirit of the RAF mission? With airplanes, great scenery, and people enjoying the backcountry experience? Would you like to see it on RAF’s Facebook, Instagram or YouTube social media platforms?

Consider submitting it to us!

Eligibility: Open to any RAF supporter, amateurs and professionals alike, including those 18 and under.

It’s easy to submit your video!

Send high resolution video via Dropbox or WeTransfer to: tmckenna@theraf.org

Video must be in clear focus, with good overall composition and lighting. Avoid clutter. We appreciate short clips (30-60 sec) and all video must be under 10 mins. If recording a video with a phone, use portrait orientation for easier viewing on a phone.

By submitting your video(s), you give the RAF permission to use your video on RAF public social media accounts. We reserve the right to reject any video we feel is not an appropriate reflection of the RAF vision, values, or stewardship.
Submissions must include:

  • Videographer’s name. If under 18, state the age of the videographer;Email and phone number;
  • Location of video (airfield and state);
  • Identify any faces in the image. You must first obtain permission from them for this use;
  • If submitting a video with images of children, you must first obtain parent/guardian permission to use the images;
  • If you want your social media account to be tagged, please let us know and send us your handle.

Things we would like to see:

  • We favor videos with airplanes, great scenery, and people enjoying the experience;
  • Recreational flying;
  • Video footage that reflects the RAF mission;
  • Please edit your footage before you send it. That may mean improving the lighting, cutting footage on either end, etc. The RAF reserves the right to edit your video to fit on the appropriate platform.

Things we don’t want:

  • Any imagery that appears unsafe or inappropriate; footage of unsafe flying or any activity inconsistent with the RAF mission.

    Submitted on May 30, 2023.

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