The Recreational Aviation Foundation is pleased to be teaming up with AOPA’s Air Safety Institute on their live, in-person seminar series, “From Peaks to Pavement: Applying Lessons from the Backcountry”

This Spring, experienced backcountry pilots that ASI has selected will present 87 free seminars now through the end of April.  ASI has begun promoting the series and all pilots are invited to attend. Whether you’re a seasoned backcountry flyer or flatlander, you’ll enjoy this new seminar, which delves into conditions, challenges, and accidents unique to backcountry flying. 

“The AOPA Air Safety Institute is proud to team with the RAF to reach pilots with an engaging and entertaining seminar series sure to impact the decisions pilots make and how they fly their airplanes,” ASI Executive Director Richard McSpadden said.

In past years, as many as 20,000 pilots have attended ASI seminars, so the RAF appreciates the opportunity to team up with them on this special series. Click here for details and the ASI schedule and locations.

RAF State Liaisons, Ambassadors and other key RAF volunteers — wearing the signature RAF orange shirt — will coordinate set-up and accompany ASI presenters, and will be available for the Q&A discussion that follows the program.

“This is a great way to kick off 2019, with a great partner and a highly relevant seminar program that also furthers pilot awareness of the RAF and its mission,” RAF Vice President Jack Tyler said. Tyler also chairs the RAF Safety and Education Committee. 

Photo: ASI presenter Jim Hudson (far right) and RAF Social Media Coordinator Britt Lincoln (in orange) posed with a group of young student pilots from Auburn, California who attended the McClellan, CA presentation. There was a great turnout with over 150 participants.

Submitted on January 28, 2019

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