Rainelle, (WV30), a privately owned turf airfield on top of a mountain in southern West Virginia now has a spiffy dual restroom and shower house, thanks in part to an RAF grant and hard-working local volunteers. RAF Pennsylvania/West Virginia Liaison Chip Vignolini tracked progress on the grant and reports that the facility is now functional. Assisted in great part by RAF Supporter Scott White and local volunteers from other aviation groups such as the EAA and Cessna Owners, the 14×18-ft structure has a covered porch, toilets, fiberglas shower enclosures, a mechanical room, and electrical outlets for charging devices near the camping and tie-down area.

The airfield owner generously permitted use of his well and septic system at no cost. White made substantial donations to the RAF for this project, and provided many of the tools as did the property owner. Volunteers provided site prep, helped form and pour concrete, and helped on the framing, wiring, plumbing, and roofing. Vignolini reports that volunteers will next install a water storage tank and pump to boost water pressure.

Here visitors can experience camping with their airplanes in a peaceful setting with an amazing view and a nice restroom facility and running water for dishes and other needs. There is hiking on site. This remote airfield makes for a great fly-in/fly-out base to explore southern West Virginia. Nearby airports include Summersville Lake (SXL), Raleigh County/Beckley (BKW), and Greenbrier Valley (LWB), home to a historic resort established in 1778. 

See the Airfield Guide for more information. The owner appreciates a call at 704-904-2900 prior to use, but it’s not required.

By Carmine Mowbray
Submitted May 31, 2024



  1. Charles K. Black on June 1, 2024 at 6:47 pm

    The Airnav listed phone number is 304-438-7221, which is a West Virginia number. The contact number in this article is a Charlotte, NC number. Which is preferred by the airport owner? Thank you.

    • Bob Thomason on June 8, 2024 at 12:42 pm

      The Charlotte number. The WV # was pulled off some corporate document somewhere and is no longer valid.

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