The RAF Team at Sun N’ Fun spent the last day of the show manning our booth and visiting other vendors.  The final day of the event is traditionally slower than the rest of the week and gives everyone a chance to visit other booths, vendors, and exhibitors.  The RAF Team feels the show was a success despite Thursday’s tornado and remain thankful no one was injured.  Our hearts still go out to those who were injured and to those who sustained damage to their aircraft or lost aircraft during the tornado.

Not all things were Sun N Fun this past week. There is a good effort being made in numerous states to get amendments made to various Recreational Use Statutes.  A couple of states are close to passage of a Recreational Use Statutes amendment to include aviation at this time while four more are in the initial legislative stages. We will keep you posted as to the status on those measures.

We made many new friends here and are looking forward to seeing you next year.  With RAF members in every state we hope to see you at many of the RAF functions throughout the coming year.

Submitted on April 4, 2011.

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